[Fixed]-Kwargs in Django


Based on Keyword arguments’ documentation pointed out by @Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams

**kwargs allows you to handle named arguments that you have not
defined in advance

In a function call, keyword arguments must follow positional

All the keyword arguments passed must match one of the
arguments accepted by the function
(e.g. actor is not a valid
argument for the parrot function), and their order is not


Try this awesome explanation from digital ocean.

In summary, **kwargs is dict that holds parameters and can be used by first passing it through a view func e.g

def fun(req, **kwargs)

and then get values inside the function like this



Check this article

def print_kwargs(**kwargs):
    for key in kwargs:
        print("The key {} holds {} value".format(key, kwargs[key]))

print_kwargs(a=1, b=2, c="Some Text")


The key a holds 1 value
The key b holds 2 value
The key c holds Some Text value

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