[Fixed]-Make Celery use Django's test database without task_always_eager


Short = You must run celery worker as in production


  1. Use dedicated test db (as in production)
  2. Configure celery to use it
  3. Start celery worker manually before you run tests


  1. Use auto created test db (it may be sqlite)
  2. Run celery worker in your test setUp()
  3. Configure celery to use auto created test db (copy django.conf.settings.DATABASE from test process to celery)

And always you must provide message broker for celery.

I have a test that requires dedicated celery worker to check my code that passes messages between celery task and calling code:
This python module is two in one – a TestUnit and celery worker runner with self contained configuration.

My code does not utilize any db, but you can easily adapt it to your need. Just pass django.conf.settings.DATABASE (as json or pickle or whatever you like method) to celery starter code and configure Django DATABASE to point to test db.

Additional info:

  1. There is complete solution for this case https://github.com/RentMethod/celerytest (i tried
    some old version of it and have no luck because it uses threads, with python GIL … and i think it is over-complicated)

  2. Sample code, how to configure DATABASE settings and init django itself in single module https://gist.github.com/Sovetnikov/369a8d05ba2b6482fa20769bc498f122


A simple solution is to use celery.contrib.testing.worker.start_worker to spawn a Celery worker within the Django test process. Because it lives in the same process, it can access the default in-memory test database, but because it lives in its own thread, it isn’t eager and the task_always_eager flag is not needed or recommended.

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