[Solved]-Monolithic or microservice concept


The main difference between a monolith and a microservice is more about how they are deployed. A monolith is one large app that must be deployed all-or-nothing. Microservices are many “apps” that work together to achieve their purpose, and each can be deployed separately. Typically monoliths are more difficult to deploy, and involve more risk since the entire system can crash if they are badly deployed. For Microservices, each only handles part of the business processing so, in theory, if one is deployed badly only part of the app goes down.


This is just a conflation of terminology.

In the context of monolithic apps vs. microservices, “application” refers to a web application, or in this case more specifically a WSGI application. A Django project is usually deployed as a WSGI application. So a monolithic app would be a deployment of a huge Django project, while microservices would be multiple smaller Django projects that are deployed separately.

“Monolithic app” may sometimes be used to refer to a Django application, i.e. a python module that is in INSTALLED_APPS. However, in that case you wouldn’t be talking about microservices.


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