[Solved]-No difference between PUT and PATCH in Django REST Framework


If you look at the generated serializer, you’ll find that you don’t have required fields. In that case, PUT and PATCH will have similar behavior.
Would there be any required field, you’d see the difference.

serializer = UserSerializer(instance=user, data={"first_name": "New First"})

    UserSerializer(data={'first_name': 'New First'}, instance=<User: tester>):
        id = IntegerField(label='ID', read_only=True)
        email = EmailField(allow_blank=True, label='Email address', max_length=254, required=False)
        first_name = CharField(allow_blank=True, max_length=30, required=False)
        last_name = CharField(allow_blank=True, max_length=150, required=False)

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