[Solved]-Override accepted renderer in django-rest-framework on exception


I found a way to do this with a custom exception handler after all:

from rest_framework.renderers import JSONRenderer
from rest_framework.views import exception_handler

def custom_exception_handler(exc, context):
    """ Switch from PDFRenderer to JSONRenderer for exceptions """
    if context['request'].accepted_renderer.format == 'pdf':
        context['request'].accepted_renderer = JSONRenderer()
    return exception_handler(exc, context)

It feels pretty hacky. Still hoping for a better answer.


If request is ok and file exists, I read it as bytes and pass it to Response, as custom renderer I use PDFRenderer as yours. If request isn’t ok, I return json. My solution is to check if data is instance of bytes, if not, I just return bytes from valid json string, because render method should return bytes anyway

class PDFRenderer(BaseRenderer):
    media_type = 'application/pdf'
    format = 'pdf'
    charset = None
    render_style = 'binary'

    def render(self, data, media_type=None, renderer_context=None):
        if isinstance(data, bytes):
            return data
        data_to_response = json.dumps(data)
        return bytes(data_to_response.encode('utf-8'))

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