[Solved]-Passing a variable in redirect in Django


return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('getting_started_info', kwargs={'location': location}))


Remember that redirect() isn’t doing a direct call to your view, it’s actually sending the client’s browser a 302 Found status (301 Moved Permanently if you use permanent=True) with an instruction to redirect to a different URL. In this case, that URL is one that resolves to the getting_started_info view.

I believe that for this to work, there must exist a urlconf which maps to getting_started_view and which uses its location positional argument. This will most likely occur through named groups.

From the django 1.8 docs entry on redirect():

The arguments could be:

  • A model: the model’s get_absolute_url() function will be called.
  • A view name, possibly with arguments: urlresolvers.reverse will be used to reverse-resolve the name.
  • An absolute or relative URL, which will be used as-is for the redirect location.


you may also pass a value of some variable using sessions or cookie.

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