[Fixed]-Pidbox received method enable_events() [reply_to:None ticket:None] in Django-Celery


I’m getting this same message. I use celery in a docker environment, where I start up the producer, 2 workers and flower. The moment I stop flower, the logline: pidbox received method enable_events() [reply_to:None ticket:None] disappears.



The logline pidbox received method enable_events() [reply_to:None ticket:None indicates that some service sent a enable_events() command to the worker. The most likely scenario is that Flower is responsible for this.
Flower, by default, periodically sends Celery enable_events commands to all workers (docs).
To prevent this, run Flower with this option set to False:

celery flower --enable_events=False

Also check the events option for Celery to make the worker send task-related events that can be captured by monitors.

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