[Fixed]-Postgres: values query on json key with django


So I found a solution, this works with django 1.10 and above.
I used the KeyTransform to annotate and extract the nexted key and did a values_list on that.

from django.contrib.postgres.fields.jsonb import KeyTransform
extracted_query = AbcModel.objects.annotate(lev1=KeyTransform('lev1', 'context')).annotate(lev2=KeyTransform('lev', 'lev1'))

This query allows me to use lev1 and lev2 as normal fields in the model, so I can do a values, values_list or any other valid query on the fields.

Django 1.11 allows to nest the the two Transforms in one annotate, not sure about 1.10 about the nesting as I have upgraded to 1.11


It’s not ideal, but I was able to get this working by adding the json field as an extra field and then calling values on that extra field:

    "extra_field": "context->'lev1'->'lev2'"
    "extra_field": "context->'lev1'->'lev2'"
}).values_list('extra_field', flat=True).distinct()

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