[Solved]-PyCharm doesn't autocomplete Django model queries anymore in 2016.1.2


For me, the problem turned about to be that PyCharm wasn’t aware that the site was using Django, since I didn’t use PyCharm’s creation tool to start the Django project. (I assume most people don’t after the first few projects they try, which is why the autocompletion seems to work and then break)

Go under Settings/Languages & Frameworks/Django, and make sure that Django Support is turned on, and that the settings.py and manage.py files are correctly specified. This fixed the problem for me.


I’ve just tried it on 2016.1.2 and the auto-complete works for me for statements which handle models. I have not changed my code editing settings on PyCharm for several versions now.

Baffling. Have you perhaps tried a restart of PyCharm?

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