[Fixed]-PyCharm – Unresolved library 'staticfiles'


It turned out that the dynamical creation of INSTALLED_APPS confuses PyCharm somehow. It cannot resolve certain dependencies such as the template_tags if these are created dynamically. Seems like one has to decide whether to have a nice code navigation or static INSTALLED_APPS.


In my case this happened when PyCharm couldn’t find settings.py file. This because I have – local_setting, prod_setting etc. So I go to File -> Settings -> Language & Framworks -> Django -> Settings and select appropriate file with setting of django project.



It looks like PyCharm looks for the last assignment to INSTALLED_APPS to find template tags. I have run into a similar problem and be able to work around it adding this after dynamically generating the real INSTALLED_APPS:

if False:

Not pretty, but as this settings.py is only used in the development machine I can live with it.


Using PyCharm 2019.2, once the settings.py is correctly pointed to in django preferences config panel I needed to invalidate the cache and restart before Pycharm correctly recognised all templatetags library, even if my INSTALLED_APPS is dynamically built.


Lower the Django version. My situation is the same as yours. The configuration in the setting is correct, but still prompts “unresolved Library ‘static files’. After that, I lower the Django version. PIP install Django = = 2.1.7. The problem has been solved. I hope it will help you

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