[Fixed]-PyTest-Django Failing on missing django_migration table


It looks like may be an issue with migration.

Running ./manage.py schemamigration research --auto shows that most of the fields don’t have any defaults specified.

Next, you then run ./manage.py schemamigration research --init followed by ./manage.py migrate research

This worked for me after I created the table:

python manage.py migrate --run-syncdb

NOTE: Don’t forget to run python makemigrations first, i.e. python manage.py makemigrations {name of the app where patients model is}

Helpful tips: There is a table generated by django called django_migrations which keeps track of what migrations have
applied. If you delete your migrations, re-generate them and try to
migrate without deleting the records from the table, then django will
think it already applied them. You should never delete your
migrations, as it will cause django to get confused.

You can skip the migrations step if you are actively developing If you are actively developing and want to skip the entire migrations
system you can, but once you start using migrations, never delete
them. Here is what I use while developing a new project:

dropdb mydb && createdb mydb && python manage.py migrate --run-syncdb && python manage.py loaddata initial

First, it drops the database and all data. Then it creates an empty
one. The --run-syncdb generates the schema and the loaddata loads
data from a fixtures file.

So, if you are still developing and can delete all your data and move
what you care about to a fixtures file, then you can delete all your
migration folders. You then can run the command above each time you change your

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