[Solved]-Python manage.py runserver, shell, dbshell freezes on git-bash


Summarising the investigation in the comments…

A good way to investigate these sorts of problems is to use pystuck.

In this case, it would appear to have been some sort of internal dependency on IPython as installing pystuck also installs IPython and the bug no longer reproduces with Both installed.


The problem is python.exe itself has issues with gitbash. Supposedly, it has something to do with the ncurses library.

The solution is to type “winpty python.exe” instead of python. “winpty python.exe manage.py shell” should work. You can also create an alias to bypass the issue. Typing “alias python=’winpty python.exe'” will make it so “python manage.py shell” works as it should.

This answer explains it better:
Python not working in the command line of git bash



I don’t have idea for the commands shell, and dbshell, but for runservercommand, I had same issue. I solved running

python manage.py runserver --noreload

Go to and refresh the browser. Your terminal must show the info of your website


If you go to you will see it is working fine

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