[Solved]-Redis is slow to get large strings


Redis is not designed to store very large objects. You are not supposed to store your entire collection in a single string in Redis, but rather use Redis list or set as a container for your objects.

Furthermore, the pickle format is not optimized for space … you would need a more compact format. Protocol Buffers, MessagePack, or even plain JSON, are probably better for this. You should consider to apply a light compression algorithm before storing your data (like Snappy, LZO, Quicklz, LZF, etc …).

Finally, the performance is probably network bound. On my machine, retrieving a 20 MB object from Redis takes 85 ms (not 3 seconds). Now, if I run the same test using a remote server, it takes 1.781 seconds, which is expected on this 100 Mbit/s network. The duration is fully dependent on the network bandwidth.

Last point: be sure to use a recent Redis version – a number of optimization have been done to deal with large objects.


It’s most likely just the size of the string. I’d look at whether your objects are being serialized efficiently.

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