[Fixed]-Should nginx be packed into the same container as Django when deploying with Docker Swarm?


Based on production experience, it’s better to counterpart rule from docker docs one container for one process. You’re shipping a (micro-)service with docker image, and if it’s required to have nginx in it, you include it.

So basically for django app there are:

  1. nginx (e.g.: for static files)
  2. gunicorn or uwsgi
  3. django code itself

Don’t see any perfomance issue on adding nginx to container, but little note on docker image size. On ubuntu:16.04/debian:jessie by adding nginx-full you increase your image size for around ~100mb. (some overhead on first pulling image).

So it’s not controversal to second scenario, because you can also add nginx behind your docker image for balancing purpose (or proxy_pass managing).

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