[Solved]-Some strings not translated in django i18n module


You need to remove fuzzy lines.

Fuzzy probably means that the original string have been changed. Gettext don’t want to lose your translations so it will change it but mark it fuzzy.

I recomend you rosetta. It will create you admin like interface where you can translate strings and manage fuzzy.



I had the exact same symptom, I simply forgot to add the LOCALE_PATHS settings and Django was using some default translation strings for some of my strings, and not reaching my custom developed messages files.

Adding this setting solved the problem:

    PROJECT_DIR.child('locale'),  # assuming PROJECT_DIR is set to project root (using unipath)


In my case it was that the directory holding my LC_MESSAGES directory was named after the language code I wanted (e.g. en-us) rather than the locale (en_US). Renaming it to locale format fixed things.

👤Eric P

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