[Fixed]-Sometimes request.session.session_key is None


According to John’s suggestion.

I fixed the problem by this snippet:

if not request.session.session_key:
session_id = request.session.session_key


As per documentation:

SessionStore.create() is designed to create a new session (i.e. one
not loaded from the session store and with session_key=None). save()
is designed to save an existing session (i.e. one loaded from the
session store). Calling save() on a new session may also work but has
a small chance of generating a session_key that collides with an
existing one. create() calls save() and loops until an unused
session_key is generated.

Means it is safer to use create() instead of save(). So you can try like this:

if not request.session.session_key:
session_id = request.session.session_key

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