[Solved]-South with django 1.7


The migration framework in Django 1.7 is based on South. I you are upgrading you should read this:


from the docs:

Upgrading from South If you already have pre-existing migrations
created with South, then the upgrade process to use
django.db.migrations is quite simple:

Ensure all installs are fully up-to-date with their migrations. Remove
‘south’ from INSTALLED_APPS. Delete all your (numbered) migration
files, but not the directory or init.py – make sure you remove the
.pyc files too. Run python manage.py makemigrations. Django should see
the empty migration directories and make new initial migrations in the
new format. Run python manage.py migrate. Django will see that the
tables for the initial migrations already exist and mark them as
applied without running them. That’s it! The only complication is if
you have a circular dependency loop of foreign keys; in this case,
makemigrations might make more than one initial migration, and you’ll
need to mark them all as applied using:

python manage.py migrate –fake yourappnamehere

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