[Solved]-Systemctl strange error: Invalid arguments


Maybe you’ve figured it out by now, but there’s an extra / after /bin/bash in your ExecStart line.

I may have a slightly newer version of systemd — when I tried it, the output of systemctl status included this message:

Executable path specifies a directory, ignoring: /bin/bash/ -c "cd /home/git/hsfzmun/server && /home/git/virtualenvs/hsfzmun/bin/daphne -b -p 8001 -v2 config.asgi:channel_layer"

Also, you might consider using a WorkingDirectory line in the service, instead of cd &&


Generally, to debug exact cause of “Invalid argument”, you can use:

sudo systemd-analyze verify daphnei.service

or in case of user’s local service:

sudo systemd-analyze --user verify daphnei.service


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