[Fixed]-Testing request parameters in Django ("+" behaves differently)


The plusses in a query string are the normal and correct encoding for spaces. This is a historical artifact; the form value encoding for URLs differs ever so slightly from encoding other elements in the URL.

Django is responsible for decoding the query string back to key-value pairs; that decoding includes decoding the URL percent encoding, where a + is decoded to a space.

When using the test client, you pass in unencoded data, so you’d use:

client.get('/page/', {'filter': 'one and two'})

This is then encoded to a query string for you, and subsequently decoded again when you try and access the parameters.


This is because the test client (actually, RequestFactory) runs django.utils.http.urlencode on your data, resulting in filter=one%2Band%2Btwo. Similarly, if you were to use {'filter': 'one and two'}, it would be converted to filter=one%20and%20two, and would come into your view with spaces.

If you really absolutely must have the pluses in your query string, I believe it may be possible to manually override the query string with something like: client.get('/page/', QUERY_STRING='filter=one+and+two'), but that just seems unnecessary and ugly in my opinion.

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