[Fixed]-To Rails from Django


I’m in the same position as you: I need to learn Rails for work, and I was hoping to find an article/tutorial that expresses Rails concepts in terms of how they differ from Django concepts.

After a lot of searching, I found this:


This compares the ways in which Rails and Django each implement various web development concepts.

It’s very long and in-depth, but it’s well structured so you can just dip into the bits you need help understanding.

One big downside, though: it was written in 2007. But it’s still useful as long as you bare this in mind.


I’ve also found this – a shorter, more up-to-date, cheatsheet-style comparison:

Rails Quick Start for Djangonauts

This one is good for quickly checking what terminology is used by each framework for a given concept.



I guess that the answer here is “No”.

Maybe I’ll write one.


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