[Fixed]-Troubleshooting Websockets with EC2 on AWS using Django


AWS has launched new Application Load Balancer that supports web sockets. Change your ELB to Application Load Balancer and that will fix your issue.



As described here it’s possible to run Django Channels on Elastic Beanstalk using an Application Load Balancer.

In a simplified form, it’s basically:

  1. Create an ALB
  2. Add 2 target groups, one that points to port 80, and one that points to Daphne port, ie 8080.
  3. Create 2 path rules. Let the default route point to target group 1 (port 80), and set the second to use a relative path, ie. /ws/ and point it to target group 2.
  4. Add Daphne and workers to supervisord (or another init system)
  5. DONE! Access Daphne/websockets through the relative url ws://example.com/ws/.


I suppose ALB is the only way. The reason is because with the SSL protocol listner in the classic LB, the session stickiness and X-Forwaded headers won’t be forwarded and will result in the proxy server redirect loop. Doc is here,


I’ll update the answer if I find out a way with the existing CLB.


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