[Solved]-Unable to install pyodbc using python 3.10 in windows 10


Updates – 2022-11-22:

  1. pyodbc 4.0.34 started providing Windows wheel files for Python 3.10. pyodbc 4.0.35 started providing wheel files (including Windows) for Python 3.11. TL;DR – pip install pyodbc should "just work" on Windows for both 64-bit and 32-bit Python.

  2. Christoph’s wheel archive at www.lfd.uci.edu is apparently no longer being updated.

(original answer)

The current release of pyodbc (4.0.32) does not have pre-built wheel files for Python 3.10. The easiest way to get it installed at the moment is to download the appropriate wheel from


and then install it. For example, if you are running 64-bit Python then you would download the 64-bit wheel and use

pip install pyodbc‑4.0.32‑cp310‑cp310‑win_amd64.whl


After i downloaded the file, i used the command below to install:

python -m pip install <Path of downloaded file>.whl

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