[Solved]-Using Yeoman/Brunch tools with a hybrid Django/Backbone app?


I can advice to start with simply brunch. Brunch is simpler than grunt, because its plugins work reasonable out-of-box, without the need to write 500-lines-of-code-gruntfiles. It it also much faster, recompilation of your app will be done instantly.

Your setup shall look like this

public/         # The directory with static files which is generated by brunch.
  app.js        # Ready to be served via webserver.
  app.css       # Don’t change it directly, just run `brunch watch --server`.
  assets/       # And then all changed files in your app dir will be compiled.

frontend/       # Main brunch application directory. Configurable, of course.
  app/          # Your code will reside here.
    assets/     # Static files that shall not be compiled
      images/   # will be just copied to `public` dir.
    views/      # Create any subdirectories inside `app` dir.
      file-1.js # JS files will be automatically concatenated to one file.
    file-2.js   # They will be also usable as modules, like require('file-2').
    file-1.css  # CSS files will be automatically concatenated to one file.
    stuff.css   # JS and CSS files may be linted before concatenation.
    tpl.jade    # You may have pre-compiled to JS templates. Also with `require`.
  vendor/       # All third-party libraries should be put here. JS, CSS, anything.
    scripts/    # They will be included BEFORE your scripts automatically.
  package.json  # Contains all brunch plugins, like jshint-brunch, css-brunch.
  config.coffee # All params (you can concat to 2, 5, 10 files etc.)
                # are set via this config. Just simple, 15 lines-of-code config.

To create new app, take a look at brunch skeletons which are like basic boilerplates. Pick any, then use brunch new --skeleton <url>, launch brunch watcher with brunch watch --server and you’re ready. When you will want to deploy your app, simply build stuff with brunch build --optimize which will automatically minify files.


I can advice to start with simply grunt. There are grunt task for all your needs:

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