[Fixed]-Wagtail: Display a list of child pages inside a parent page


From the release notes of wagtail version 1.1:

Usually, an operation that retrieves a queryset of pages (such as homepage.get_children()) will return them as basic Page instances, which only include the core page data such as title. The specific() method (e.g. homepage.get_children().specific()) now allows them to be retrieved as their most specific type, using the minimum number of queries.

Therefore you don’t need your custom function in the upcoming release 1.1 anymore and you can change your template to:

{% for page in self.get_children.specific %}
    {{ page.title }}
    {% image page.representative_image width-400 %}
{% endfor %}

At least since version 0.8 the following should work, too, using specific:

{% for page in self.get_children %}
    {{ page.title }}
    {% image page.specific.representative_image width-400 %}
{% endfor %}


I’ve found this solution: Add a function child_pages to the IndexPage:

class IndexPage(Page):
    intro = RichTextField(blank=True)

    def child_pages(self):
        return ItemPage.objects.live().child_of(self)

    content_panels = Page.content_panels + [
        FieldPanel('intro', classname='full'),

    subpage_types = ['myapp.ItemPage']

And this can be accessed in the template:

{% for page in self.child_pages %}
  {{ page.title }}
  {% image page.representative_image width-400 %}
{% endfor %}

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