[Solved]-What became available_attrs on Django 3?


available_attrs() only ever existed to help bridge between Python 2 and Python 3. This is documented in the Django 3.0 release notes:

Removed private Python 2 compatibility APIs

While Python 2 support was removed in Django 2.0, some private APIs weren’t removed from Django so that third party apps could continue using them until the Python 2 end-of-life.

Since we expect apps to drop Python 2 compatibility when adding support for Django 3.0, we’re removing these APIs at this time.

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  • django.utils.decorators.available_attrs() – This function returns functools.WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS

If the @wraps() in your sample line is the standard functools.wraps() decorator, then you can just entirely remove assigned=available_attrs(...), because functools.WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS is the default value for assigned:


otherwise, just use functools.WRAPPER_ASSIGNMENTS directly.

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