[Solved]-What does a South datamigration do compared to a schemamigration?


Per the lead developer of South:

You can see the difference here:

As that shows, the only difference is that data migrations aren’t
dry-run if you have a database that requires it (MySQL). Otherwise,
there’s little difference, at least at the moment – the management
commands differ, though (it’s all about user interface separation,



There’s really only one kind of migration, but two commands. datamigration creates a new blank migration for you to fill out, while schemamigration is an optional convenience command which will attempt to detect schema changes and create a migration automatically.

Edit: from http://south.aeracode.org/docs/commands.html#schemamigration

While migrate is the real meat and bones of South, schemamigration is by comparison an entirely optional extra. It’s a utility to help write some of your migrations (specifically, the ones which change the schema) for you; if you like, you can ignore it and write everything youself, in which case we wish you good luck, and happy typing.


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