[Solved]-What is the benefit of installing gunicorn for my django app on heroku?


Gunicorn is production ready and really easy to use. I use it for my websites. You usually should run it via a reverse proxy like Nginx. I’m not sure what Heroku is using. You really should try it.

In my experience it’s much easier to use and configure than apache & mod_wsgi, and the other similar setups.

As a summary of the comments below, Heroku already uses Nginx as a reverse proxy



Much better performance, and probably better security and stability, too. Django’s development web server (which is used by Heroku by default) isn’t really designed to serve production applications.



django’s server, is a development server . It is light weigh and easy to use but should not be used in production because it is not production ready. it cannot handle many requests. This link offers a comparison between gunicorn, uwsgi and django’s development server.

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