[Solved]-Why can I connect to but not to


When you start Django development server you need to give the address explicitly:

python manage.py runserver

Or if you want the server to run on all interfaces you can use:

python manage.py runserver

In other case Django development server defaults to running on the local interface only.


The problem for me was I accidentally quit the server whenever trying to copy the server address. So instead of using ctrl+C just write down the address into your browser.


I solved the issue.There are a few things you might be missing.Listing them below-

1.Once it starts the server, do not press Ctrl+C anyhow .u might be pressing it to copy to url and that accidently closes the server due to which it might be happening.

2.instead of …change the port number to …That would work.

3.Try changing the firewall setting and allow the app.

4.Try opening it with different browsers and incognito too.

The above steps helped solve my issue.Hope they help u too…:)

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