[Fixed]-Why does Django Queryset say: TypeError: Complex aggregates require an alias?


I’m not running the same Django version, but I think this’ll work:

MyModel.objects.all().aggregate(latest=Max(Func(F('created_ts'), function='UNIX_TIMESTAMP')))

Note the latest keyword argument in there. That’s the key (I think, again I can’t test this).


From the django docs:

aggregate() is a terminal clause for a QuerySet that, when invoked,
returns a dictionary of name-value pairs

It will automatically provide this value in many generic cases, e.g.

Sum('items') -> sum_items

For your query, it cannot create a default alias, so you must provide one. This is so the query can return a named result for the values produced. All you have to do is give your aggregate a meaningful named alias and all should work fine:

MyModel.objects.all().aggregate(max_created=Max(Func(F('created_ts'), function='UNIX_TIMESTAMP')))


just need set name for result variable :

see item in below code

result = MyModel.objects.all().aggregate(item=Max(Func(F('created_ts'), function='UNIX_TIMESTAMP')))

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