[Fixed]-Why was an old .pyc file breaking Django?


No, in fact, Python will use the .pyc file preferably and only access the .py file if it a) exists and b) is newer than the .pyc file.

This allows you to distribute a Python app in compiled form without the source code (although it’s not much of a code “obfuscation” technique).


Nope, Python is (intentionally, see below) dumb about this! You can run

find . -name '*.pyc' -delete

from your project directory to get rid of old .pyc files.

If you’re using git, you can set up a hook to do this automatically on checkout. Here’s a similar solution for Mercurial.


The thing you can do to prevent this is to start django with

python -B manage.py runserver

or to automate deletion of pyc, probably with clean_pyc from django-extensions

./manage.py clean_pyc

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