Data path “/polyfills” must be string.

Sure! Below is an example of an HTML content in a div without the body, h1, and html tags, to address the query “data path ‘/polyfills’ must be string”:


Error: Data Path Must be a String

An error occurred because the data path provided for “/polyfills” is expected to be a string, but it is not.

In HTML, a data path refers to the location or key used to access data in a JSON object or an API response. It is often used in JavaScript programming to retrieve specific information.

To resolve this error, you need to ensure that the data path is assigned as a string. Here’s an example:

const data = {
    polyfills: [
  const dataPath = '/polyfills'; // Make sure it is a string
  // Accessing the data using the data path
  const polyfills = data[dataPath];
  console.log(polyfills); // Output: ["Promise", "fetch", "Object.entries"]

In the example above, the data path “/polyfills” is assigned as a string and used to access the corresponding value in the “data” object. The value returned is an array of polyfills.

Make sure you analyze your code and identify where the data path is being passed and ensure it is a string.


In this example, I have used a `

` element to encapsulate the HTML content. The error message is displayed within an `

` tag and is followed by a detailed explanation of the issue. The usage of data paths and the need for them to be strings are explained in the subsequent paragraphs. Finally, an example code snippet demonstrates the correct usage of a data path as a string to access specific values in an object.

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