[Fixed]-Django i18n blocktrans vs trans


From Django Docs

Trans template tag

The {% trans %} template tag translates either a constant string (enclosed in single or >double quotes) or variable content:

With a Trans tag, you are limited to a single constant string or variable. So you would have to use

{# These Would Work! #}
title>{% trans "This is the title." %}</title>
<title>{% trans myvar %}</title>

But could not use

{%trans "This is my title {{ myvar }}" %}

Blocktrans template tag

Contrarily to the trans tag, the blocktrans tag allows you to mark complex sentences
consisting of literals and variable content for translation by making use of placeholders:

With a Blocktrans, this kind of code is possible:

    {% blocktrans with book_t=book|title author_t=author|title %}
       This is {{ book_t }} by {{ author_t }}
    {% endblocktrans %}

So Blocktrans is going to allow you to be a bit more complex and through in your output.

But to answer your question literally: not much. Except for the presentation style, both will be sent to the translator as the string 'My Text'

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