[Fixed]-Slugify string in Django


Try this:

from django.utils.text import slugify

def return_slug(firstname, lastname):

    # get a slug of the firstname and last name.
    # it will normalize the string and add dashes for spaces
    # i.e. 'HaRrY POTTer' -> 'harry-potter'
    u_username = slugify(unicode('%s %s' % (firstname, lastname)))

    # split the username by the dashes, capitalize each part and re-combine
    # 'harry-potter' -> 'Harry-Potter'
    u_username = '-'.join([x.capitalize() for x in u_username.split('-')])

    # count the number of users that start with the username
    count = User.objects.filter(username__startswith=u_username).count()
    if count == 0:
        return u_username
        return '%s-%d' % (u_username, count)

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