[Fixed]-(gcloud.app.deploy) Error Response: [7] Access Not Configured. Cloud Build has not been used in project


You must enable billing first, then you can enable the Cloud Build service for your project.


We ran in to an issue where an incomplete deploy (that hung and had to be aborted) had errors setting some internal service account permissions and kept getting the “Cloud Build has not been used in project before or it is disabled” error despite the Cloud Build API being enabled and a billing account set up.

We solved the issue by disabling the Cloud Build API, waiting a couple hours (to ensure the service accounts were deleted), and then re-enabling.



You go that link then click “Enable” button. A popup showed, then click to Set account. (see the picture)

Enable cloud build


I solved this problem using the following commands at the root directory of my project:

gcloud init
gcloud components update

After I updated the project settings with my GCP account the problem was solved.


Had this issue before.
It can simply be a billing issue.


  1. Disable the Cloud Build API
  2. Attempting to re-enable will possibly result in a billing issue that needs resolving.

TLDR; Turn off and on again.


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