[Fixed]-Get ContentType id in Django for generic relation


from the docs

you can do:

>>> b = Bookmark.objects.get(url='https://www.djangoproject.com/')
>>> bookmark_type = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(b)
>>> TaggedItem.objects.filter(content_type__pk=bookmark_type.id,
...                           object_id=b.id)

so just instantiate an instance of your model and then do ContentType.objects.get_for_model(<instance>).id

I think there’s a way to pass just the model name, too… let me know if that would work better and I’ll try to find it; I’ve used it in the past.


You can also get ContentType ID without creating an instance, which is more efficient if you don’t have and don’t need an instance but just want to get ContentType ID by model name.


Notes : if the name of your model is upper case, please use lower case to search. For example: model = 'bookmark' rather than 'Bookmark'


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