[Fixed]-Is there a command for creating an app using cookiecutter-django?


Cookiecutter Django renders a Django project, and included with the files is a manage.py module. If you have Django installed, you can just call python manage.py startapp <app_name> and it should just work.


For the sake of completeness, I would like to add that project-specific apps should go into the second level, also when using Cookiecutter Django.

There is a GitHub issue about this, where a project maintainer explains the situation.

What you should do is the following:

1 – create the <name-of-the-app> app with python manage.py startapp
2 – move <name-of-the-app> directory to <project_slug> directory
3 – edit <project_slug>/<name-of-the-app>/apps.py and change name = "<name-of-the-app>" to name = "<project_slug>.<name-of-the-app>"
4 – add "<project_slug>.<name-of-the-app>.apps.<NameOfTheAppConfigClass>" to LOCAL_APPS in config/settings/base.py


This is a good question as it is recommended to create a new app for every feature.Solution to this would be to call manage.py from the project directory. The call will look like this:

python ../manage.py startapp <name_of_app>

You would still need to rename your app.py and you need to add the app settings/base.py under local apps.

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