[Fixed]-Global name 'reverse' is not defined


You need to import the function reverse:

For Django 2.0 and up:

from django.urls import reverse

For older Django:

from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse

It’s specific to django, but it looks like you’re trying to build a URL anyway, so it’s probably what you want.


in Django2.0 :

from django.urls import reverse


–Use this code in models.py……

from django.urls import reverse

def get_absolute_url(self):
    return reverse('url-name', kwargs={'pk':self.pk})


reverse isn’t a builtin function in python. Presumably, it’s a function in some web framework for doing reverse-routing (getting a url path from a name). The notify_url has to be a url in your application that Paypal will send notices to.


There is no builtin function reverse in Python. (There is a reversed, but I doubt it’s what you want.)

There is a reverse function in Django. But you only get Django builtins in code that’s loaded as a Django view or similar; if you import or run this code in some other way, it won’t exist.

So, presumably, you’ve gotten something wrong earlier in the instructions, and aren’t actually creating a view. (The Django-PayPal instructions are clearly written for someone who’s already an experienced Django developer; if you don’t understand basic Django concepts you will probably need to work through the tutorials first.)


The url for paypal-ipn is probably defined in django-paypal’s urls. I guess that importing django’s reverse will solve this problem.

from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse


I followed this solution to “reverse not defined” problem, and I still had this mistake… I imported reverse in all my urls files, with no effect… Then I imported reverse into views.py files and my local server started to work…
The original solution to this message is right, but author didn’t mention where to post import reverse, so I thought may be I will complete the original answer… If somehow I am wrong, I apologize, but it worked for me…

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