[Solved]-How to build a REST client frontend for a REST API backend?


Since it is a browser frontend I would go with HTML/JavaScript only. No need to use PHP or any server side language IMHO. This has the advantage of being extremely portable.

I would also use a JS framework for that purpose ( the trend nowadays seems to be angular).



REST really, really isn’t new. It’s been a part of HTTP at least as far back as HTTP 1.1

Have a look at this question: Backbone.js frontend with RESTful Rails backend? the top answer lists 20 possible frameworks for building a front end.


Thanks for your help, everyone. Found exactly what I was looking for here:

A nice little library for Python that allows me to basically make calls to a REST backend from within a Django application, which serves as my frontend.

AngularJS will also be used for to make the static pages that Django returns more dynamic. Why? Because AngularJS by itself can be the complete solution only if your whole site consists of one page. If you have multiple pages where each one has it’s own set of dynamic elements, you need a combination of Django and AngularJS.

Apparently REST is still quite new and it seems there aren’t many people that have stumbled upon this very fundamental question like I have.

Once again, thanks!

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