[Solved]-How to fix "plural forms could be dangerous" django error?



I found an answer – the reason for that error is my incompetence :). I ran django-admin makemessages command in the root of my project, so next to _env and all the packages inside. This command created language files for a couple of projects with the default django.po file template, so they contained something like plural-forms=INTEGER and other stuff and this was causing the above error.

πŸ‘€Marek M.


Here I will give you all the details about Plural-forms:

See this link Plural-forms.It will helps to you.

Note:This just link give a simple idea about plural

It surely helps to others

πŸ‘€bob marti


Your plural expression (n != 1) is most likely considered dangerous because it’s too inclusive. n doesn't equal 1 means any value except 1 will evaluate to True including booleans, strings or None.

Try changing your expression to use equals, greater than and less than operations to narrow down the scope of the expression.


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