Laravel Model Table Name

In Laravel, the table name used by a model is determined by the model’s class name. By default, Laravel assumes that the table name is the plural form of the model’s class name, with snake_case convention. For example, if you have a model named “User”, Laravel will assume that the corresponding table is named “users”.

However, you can override this default behavior by defining a protected property called “$table” in your model class. By specifying a different value for this property, you can use a custom table name instead of the default one.



      namespace App\Models;

      use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

      class MyModel extends Model
          protected $table = 'my_custom_table_name';

In the above example, the “MyModel” class extends Laravel’s base model class “Model”. By setting the “$table” property to “my_custom_table_name”, the model will use the table named “my_custom_table_name” instead of the default table name derived from the class name.

This customization can be very useful in cases where you need to work with existing databases or when you want to define more meaningful or specific table names for your models.

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