[Fixed]-Reorder model objects in django admin panel


I don’t see an obvious solution to this — the models are sorted by their _meta.verbose_name_plural, and this happens inside the AdminSite.index view, with no obvious place to hook custom code, short of subclassing the AdminSite class and providing your own index method, which is however a huge monolithic method, very inheritance-unfriendly.



So I’ve just wrote a django package that will allow you reorder django app list/ rename app label and model names (including 3rd party apps) — you can download it from here:



If you don’t mind using a dirty trick, prepend verbose_name_plural of your models with a certain number of invisible zero-width spaces. E.g. prepend “Email config” with 1 zero-width space, “General config” with 2 and “Network config” with 3. This is really the simplest method and I’ve yet to find any shortcomings.



I found this snippet for reordering models in the django admin panel – it works for us (though check out the comments below the snippet for updates to make it work with Django >= 1.4)

And for the longer term there is this django bug report about the ordering of models within apps. The bug report is open at the time of writing this answer.


If you just want to reorder your apps (tested with Django 1.11.10).

class MyAdminSite(AdminSite):
    def index(self, request, extra_context=None):
        if extra_context is None:
            extra_context = {}

        # Move last app to the top of `app_list`.
        app_list = self.get_app_list(request)
        app_list.insert(0, app_list.pop(-1))

        extra_context['app_list'] = app_list
        return super().index(request, extra_context)

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