[Fixed]-South migrate error: name 'UUID' is not defined


I solved defining the following helper function in my model’s module:

from uuid import uuid4

def generateUUID():
    return str(uuid4())


f = models.CharField(default=generateUUID, max_length=36, unique=True, editable=False)

south will generate a migration file (migrations.0001_initial) with a generated UUID like:


this is pretty unhappy… since that string is “static”, instead it must be created dynamically using the helper function… anyway in the django’s world al seems working as expected… I added some records into the database and a new UUID was generated for each one. I then tried my first schema migration by adding a couple of fields to my model and they has been added to the database table as expected.


You can also import UUID in your migration:

from uuid import UUID


I simply removed a uuid directory from ‘node_modules’ directory.

And then I reinstall uuid and it worked.

I hope it helped you guys <3


step 1 : install uuid

npm install uuid

step 2: then import it

import { v4 as uuid } from 'uuid';

step 3: Use it


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