[Solved]-Syntastic + Django


piggybacking on @supervacuo’s answer:

there is a way to get this working for syntastic and it’s rather straightforward, if not easy to figure out for someone unfamiliar with syntastic options (like, say, me):

in your .vimrc, add this line:

let g:syntastic_python_pylint_args = "--load-plugins pylint_django"

of course, this does require pylint-django be installed in your environment



Both of these messages come from pylint — you can see fuller explanations with pylint --help-msg=$ID, or on http://pylint-messages.wikidot.com/.

You can disable the checks with e.g. from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
# pylint: disable=F0401
, but that gets tiresome pretty quickly.

There’s a pylint plugin for Django which will definitely fix your E1101 (and I hope the F0401 too). Maybe have a go at installing the plugin and configuring Syntastic to use it?

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