[Solved]-Audio waveform visualisation in Python/Django


This one (uses audiolab, PIL and numpy) is decent: http://www.freesound.org/blog/?p=10


To make a graph or plot of the waveform, the usual Python appoach is to get the waveform into a numpy array, and then use matplotlib to make the plot.

The easiest way to read the data into a numpy array is to use scipy.io.wavfile.read, though if you prefer not to use scipy (it’s a big package), it’s not difficult to read and convert the data using Python’s wav module.



Not trying to answer my own question here, but it’s a suggestion that may help others clearly when seeing this quesion…

After lots of searching around, I found this solution… It seems well done, but does anyone else know anything about it?

Seems to do the lot!


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