[Fixed]-Found another file with the destination path – where is that other file?


Like templates, static files are searched for in two locations:

  1. under the directories listed in STATIC_DIRS
  2. in static directories in the apps themselves.

In this case, it looks like this file is provided both by django/contrib/admin/static, and /static/.


Django respects the order of your apps in settings.py INSTALLED_APPS when running collectstatic.

If you have two installed apps that write the same static files (e.g. django.contrib.admin and grappelli) then Django collectstatic will write the static files for the app appearing first in the list. When it hits the second app it will ignore its static files and output the warning you are seeing.

So you need to find out which two INSTALLED_APPS are trying to write the same static files, and decide which one you want to use the static files of. If you make sure that app appears first in your INSTALLED_APPS list then you can safely ignore the warnings generated from the second app.


check this: https://github.com/django-compressor/django-compressor/issues/720

    #'django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.AppDirectoriesFinder',    #causes verbose duplicate notifications in django 1.9

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