[Fixed]-ValueError: Incorrect timezone setting while migrating manage.py file in Django


According to the documentation:


Default: ‘America/Chicago’

A string representing the time zone for this installation, or None.

Instead of utc+6.00, set the TIME_ZONE to Asia/Dhaka:

TIME_ZONE = 'Asia/Dhaka'


In simple words you need to choose your timezone from this list


Cygwin: install "tzdata" package

I’m running MobaXterm (a Cygwin flavor) and so my /usr/share/zoneinfo directory was empty.

And then Django wouldn’t start properly.

I fixed this by installing the tzdata package.

That populated the zoneinfo directory nicely…

$ tree /usr/share/zoneinfo | head
├── Africa
│   ├── Abidjan
│   ├── Accra
│   ├── Addis_Ababa
│   ├── Algiers
│   ├── Asmara
│   ├── Asmera
│   ├── Bamako
│   ├── Bangui

…and then Django started up fine.

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